Careers with Spruceland Millworks

Spruceland is committed to being the employer of first choice to our staff and their families. That means, first and foremost, a strong compensation package. Working a regular five-shift week, you can earn over $47,500 in your first year with us, and $63,200 by your third year.

Being the employer of first choice also means unparalleled benefits. At Spruceland, your benefits will include company-paid Alberta Health Care & Blue Cross coverage, a company-managed RRSP with matched contributions up to $2400 per year, free access to our fully equipped gym, a subsidized cafeteria, and all-expense-paid trips to Mexico and other tropical destinations.

Finally, being the employer of first choice means recognizing that it’s because of your effort and hard work that Spruceland is able to succeed, and rewarding your achievements, to show our appreciation for your contribution to Spruceland’s success.

A job at Spruceland is ideal for anyone who wants to put in a good, hard day’s work, and be home every day, with your weekends free to spend as you please. Our location in the Acheson Business Park is a short commute from the Edmonton and Spruce Grove areas, and the job doesn’t involve any travel or camp work.

We provide a dependable, steady job, with stable work hours. We work year-round, with no seasonal changes in work hours.

Email our Human Resources Manager if you’d like more information on becoming part of the Spruceland team.

Email our Human Resources Manager

Current Career Opportunities

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